Solo Exhibition, Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan, 2017
Solo Exhibition, Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan, 2017
A Line Tells

Mixed media, 2017

The work is an installation work fabricated by imagery and physical materials, which explore the essence of photography through the relationship between “shutter moment” and “present”. As the scene is photographed, it transformed between three-dimensional and two-dimensional state, together with the twist of an artist’s hands, the image is restored to a three-dimensional form that represents the original state. The process showed the flexibility and possibility of time by inserting physical threads and abstract lines into the dimension, creating a duality within and outside of the images. It penetrates between the past, present, and future—revealing the essence of imagery and become representation.

2018.12 – 2019.09 Group Exhibition | Brainstorming Contemporary Arts Awards
2017.11.09 – 2018.02.02 Group Exhibition | FUN YOUNG
2017.10.20 – 2017.10.23 Solo Exhibition | In Search of Inexistent Time
2016.12.17 – 2017.01.15 Group Exhibition | A Piece of Daily