In Desert

Spatial installation, 2022

The exhibition shows a state where the creation is in process but will soon disappear. When an exhibition starts from installation to de-installation, the repetition reveals the nihility of our daily routine. It is also this nihility that becomes art because of the purpose and sign of space. As if an object “___”, unspecified in form and content is preparing to be installed in an exhibition room, and together they become a piece of work that also dies in time when the exhibition comes to an end. In Desert tends to create a dialectic conversation. Drawing out a relationship where the creator is born from the place where creation occurred; and the place derived from the artwork; but the artwork comes from everyday life while everyday experiences springs from nihility. Here, you will find a blank of nothingness. Only an illusionary oasis but illusion provides experiences, thus establishing existence of the self.

(Solo Exhibition, Hong Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan, 2022)

2022.07.16 – 2022.08.13 Solo Exhibition | In Desert