Moldy Walls

On-site installation, 2021

When I worked in the filmmaking crews as an art director before, I set scenes and made props regarding scripts. One day in a new house, the director requested that he wants a moldy wall, while the ridiculous story has affected my creations since then. The work aims to symbolize the making of art production for films through building a stage scene that does not exist on site – similar to the development of screenwriting, it reveals the abstract emotions within the surreality of reality.  Moldy Walls found its foundation in the use of the image. It is an on-site installation that blurs the boundaries between props and objects, scenes and exhibition room, plots and memories through switching between media and form. The method of “spacing” becomes a debate of existence that is born out of nothing and wiped by its traces. It is a perception and a spirit that provides insight into reality itself; there is no moldy wall in the exhibition, however, the exhibition becomes the “moldy wall” itself.

(Solo Exhibition, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan, 2021)

2021.08.27 – 2021.09.26 Solo Exhibition | Moldy Walls