The Farewell

Fiction Film, 20min, Taiwan, 2013

Yen is at the end of his life and wants to fulfill a dream of wandering away from home. Nevertheless, what is freedom? His escape is forgiven, but another soul has quietly subsided…

Producer: Chen Yu-Hsuan
Director: Wu Chia-Yun

2015.05.25 Chiayun Wu’s debut is a perceptive, low key exploration into mortality…

2015.09.16 Part of the 2015 Chinese Visual Festival, we present a frank panel discussion on Taiwanese Cinema…
2015.09.15 We talk to director Chiayun Wu about her extremely accomplished debut short film, The Farewell

2021.12.12 – 2022.01.23 Solo Exhibition | Inexhaustible Empty
2015.05.07 – 2015.05.22 Film Festival | Chinese Visual Festival
2014.10.24 – 2014.11.09 Film Festival | Kaohsiung International Film Festival
2014.10.17 – 2014.10.26 Film Festival | Women Make Waves International Film Festival
2014.06.14 – 2014.06.22 Film Festival | Shanghai International Film Festival
2014.03.21 – 2014.03.30 Film Festival | Golden Harvest Award for Outstanding Short Film Festival

2015.05.22 London festival closes with Taiwanese heist comedy